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Education To Thrive Mission Statement

Education to Thrive is an organization dedicated to empowering parents (or other family members) to educate their children at home, in whatever way fits their needs. We do this through providing support, encouragement, services, resources, and information, both in an online community and in face-to-face venues, to equip them to help their children learn. We are committed to assisting home-educating parents and those considering homeschooling, as well as anyone who simply wants to help their children learn, grow, and develop to their highest potential.


Jennifer’s Bio

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I have 2 children who I homeschooled for 16 years. During that time, I was a Girl Scout leader for 11 years, led a homeschool support group at my church, was “team mom” as my husband coached basketball for 11 years, worked part-time at my church and in my husband’s business, and have been active in civic issues. Since 2009, I have also been administrator for Liberty Academy, a PSP which prides itself on giving parents the freedom to teach their own children in whatever way they feel called to do so.

My son graduated in 2011, was accepted to all 7 universities to which he applied, graduated from California Lutheran University in 2015 with a business degree, and is currently working on realizing his entrepreneurial dreams. My daughter graduated high school in 2015, was accepted at all 5 universities to which she applied, and is currently studying journalism at Azusa Pacific University. Both of them are happily pursuing their dreams, I believe, because they were given the freedom to discover them.



Alli’s Bio


I also have two children who I have homeschooled for over 15 years.  My youngest is a senior this year, so I am at the tail end of my homeschooling journey with my own children.  Now I am excited to inspire and assist new families to do the same.  Our homeschooling journey has been the most incredible experience.

I decided to homeschool right from the beginning when I noticed my oldest son seemed to take after my husband, which means he usually cannot sit still for very long.  At first I thought I would just homeschool for kindergarten, but it didn’t take long for us to realize homeschooling fit our family perfectly.

My own educational background is a BA in English Literature and a minor in business.  Homeschooling allowed me to share three of my passions with my children: classical literature, Shakespeare and entrepreneurship.  I coordinated a Shakespeare program for 10 years and both of my boys participated for about 10 years each.  I also have been running a teen classics book club, which is going on its sixth year.  Nothing brings me greater joy than discussing a classic book with 15 teenagers on a Friday night at Barnes & Noble.  In addition to homeschooling, I work with my husband in a business we own and our boys started working with us at age 12, helping out when they could.

I look at education as a way to bring out the best in our children.  A home education can plant seeds that allow children to blossom in their own unique way.   I have treasured every moment of homeschooling with my children and also the journey we have taken with other families in our community.

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